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Our Mission

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We are a non-profit organization that provides a free coding academy that anyone can use whenever they want and wherever they choose. As time goes on, we plan to release more courses for our students!

Meet the Team


Gunek Singh


Currently a highschool student, he loves to teach and help others out!

Partnering with PNW AID

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We are proud to announce a partnership with PNW Aid, an organization committed to make the Pacific Northwest a better place for everyone.

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Old Website

New Website

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(Hover your mouse over the image to compare both versions of the website. )

This partnership will not affect our users in any negative way. In fact, they will help support us release more courses for free on the website. Visit their website to help support their cause.

Developers Log

Version 1.1

  • Website slow loading times drastically improved.

  • Laggy animation improved, much smoother now.

  • Video playback temporarily taken down for improvements.

  • Improper link extensions fixed.

Content Log

Version 1.1

  • Updates to lessons on The Basics course.

  • Advanced Topics lessons being updated.

  • Intro to Data course scheduled for next weekend.

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